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5 Microwave Problems Worth Fixing

Whether you use your microwave for cooking full meals, making quick snacks, or just reheating leftovers, you probably rely on it a lot. You may not even realize just how much you use it until it goes out on you. Though you may think you can buy a new one anytime, a cheap microwave usually won’t last long. It might not be big enough for your family, either. Learning which microwave problems you should never ignore will help you know when to contact an appliance repair shop to get your microwave back in working order.

Light Issues

Microwaves have a few different lights. In addition to the one inside, they have lights on the outside that tell the setting you picked, the time remaining, and other details. The lights should flash when the time is up, but they should not keep flashing. You especially shouldn’t see flashing lights when combined with buttons that stick or don’t work. There are all signs of a malfunctioning circuit board.

Burning Smell

If your microwave produces a burning smell as it runs, turn it off, and check the inside. Food debris stuck to the rotating plate or on the sides can release this smell as it heats up and burns. Once you check the interior and clean it out, turn off and unplug the microwave if you keep smelling the same odor. There’s a good chance the microwave has a serious electrical problem.

Broken Door

Never operate a microwave with a door that doesn’t close properly. The door has hinges to ensure it closes all the way and stays closed. It also serves as a safety feature to prevent radiation exposure. Talk with an appliance technician if your microwave door sticks, comes open while you use it, or shows any signs of damage.

Odd Noises

Some of the odd noises you hear come from anything you put inside the microwave. A popping sound often occurs when you use liquids or a dish that contains metal. You might also hear strange sounds when you cook anything new because you don’t expect them. Many sounds require a professional repair, though. They can accompany a motor issue or an electrical problem.


Don’t use a microwave that sparks while it runs. This is one of the biggest signs of an electrical problem. It’s too easy for those sparks to land on your counter or another nearby surface and ignite a big fire. In some cases, you may even see flames inside. Turn off the microwave to stay safe.

Even some small or common microwave issues can point to a more serious problem. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new appliance, talk with an appliance company about fixing yours. If you live in Knoxville, TN and need a microwave repair, reach out to our team at Pinpoint Appliance Repair as soon as possible.

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