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5 Surprising Dishwasher Facts Most People Don’t Know

In our modern day, dishwashers are an indispensable appliance. They offer convenience that was difficult to imagine even a century ago. Let’s take a look at five remarkable facts about dishwashers that you’ve probably never considered.

1. A Surprising Beginning

The first dishwasher came onto the scene in 1886. This was a mechanical model created by Josephine Cochrane, a wealthy socialite who grew tired of servants damaging her fine China dishes. Rather than relying on brushes for cleaning, this model used water pressure. Cochrane showed off her dishwasher invention at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Her invention laid the groundwork for today’s dishwashers.

2. Advancements to Water and Energy Efficiency

It is a common belief that using a dishwasher consumes a significant amount of water compared to washing dishes by hand. Modern models actually use as little as three gallons of water. Washing dishes by hand can use up to 27 gallons of water. High-efficiency dishwashers also use less energy to heat water and can save homeowners a significant amount on their utility bills.

3. They Possess Amazing Sanitizing Capability

Dishwashers can heat water to temperatures of 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and this cannot be achieved by handwashing alone. This is especially beneficial for infants, the elderly, or those who have compromised immune systems.

4. The Evolution of Detergents

Early dishwashers used to leave soap residue on dishes, and this meant that people had to rinse them by hand. Now, dishwasher detergents have evolved significantly, and this has also improved the cleaning efficiency of dishwashers. Special dishwasher salts and phosphate-free detergents have considerably enhanced cleaning power and made these appliances more efficient. They are now more effective at removing tough stains and are much kinder to the environment.

5. Smart Technology Integration

Smart technology has transformed how dishes are cleaned. Homeowners can now control these appliances from their smartphones and tablets, and they can also monitor washing cycles. In addition, smart technology allows adjustments to be made to the water load because it can detect the size of the load as well as how dirty the dishes are.

Since their inception, dishwashers have come a long way. These appliances do more than save time and make life convenient. They offer solutions that are both environmentally friendly and health conscious. To ensure that your dishwasher continues to function well and add convenience to busy living, you need to schedule annual maintenance. An appliance repair specialist can inspect it, thoroughly clean all parts, and make any necessary adjustments. To schedule dishwasher maintenance or repair in Knoxville, TN, call us at Pinpoint Appliance Repair today.

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