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Capacity Issues: The Pros and Cons of Front-Loading Washing Machines

modern washing machine and laundry baskets

Front-load washers have modern looks and convenient, space-saving designs. They use less water than their alternatives, and they clean clothes more efficiently. However, from capacity issues to moisture problems, they also have their drawbacks. The following are several pros and cons of having a front-load washer. Pro: They’re Better for the Environment Front-loading washing machines […]

5 Microwave Problems Worth Fixing

Woman at home heating food in microwave oven

Whether you use your microwave for cooking full meals, making quick snacks, or just reheating leftovers, you probably rely on it a lot. You may not even realize just how much you use it until it goes out on you. Though you may think you can buy a new one anytime, a cheap microwave usually […]