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The Importance of Maintenance Checks for Your Appliances

Keeping your appliances in good working condition can be both surprisingly easy to do and inexpensive. Scheduling maintenance for a certain day or date every fall saves you the pain of procrastination. It also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve taken care of your needful appliances for the year.

Cleaning Your Microwave Oven

If you use your microwave oven regularly, you know how grungy it can get. It may get to the point where you believe you can never get that baked-on stuff off its walls, floor, door, or ceiling. One way to avoid the problem, of course, is to give the microwave a wipe down every time it’s used. There are more intensive things you can do during fall maintenance, however.

One simple way to maintain the microwave’s interior is to put a bowl of water inside and turn it on high for five minutes. Let the water cool down with the door closed, and then use a dry cloth to wipe off the gunk that has been softened by the steam. Make sure the bowl that holds the water is microwave safe. This season can also be the time to install a new air filter in the oven.

Deep Cleaning the Range

As with the microwave, you should wipe down the range every time after you’ve used it. Before you deep clean it, read the instruction manual. If you need to clean the control knobs, pull them off their stems, and wash them in dishwashing detergent and warm water. Don’t let them stay in the soapy water for too long. Then, let them completely dry, and push them back on their stems.

Unclog gas burner holes by using a straightened-out paper clip. Never use a matchstick or a toothpick because it can break off. Make sure not to damage the igniter, and clean around it with a cloth that’s just damp. Lift the stove lid, and clean under it. Take out removable parts like grates, and soak them in hot, soapy water.

Cleaning the Refrigerator Grill

Some people find cleaning the refrigerator grill daunting because it’s difficult to move the fridge to get at the grille if it’s at the back. But once you do access the grill, cleaning it is easy. You can use the crevice attachment on your vacuum, and there are even special brushes made to clean refrigerator grills. Just make sure to disconnect the fridge before you start to clean.

More About Fall Appliance Maintenance Tips

Our professionals are pleased to give you all kinds of tips on how to maintain all your appliances. If you need help with your fridge, stove, vent hood, dishwasher, microwave or other appliances like washers and dryers, call our technicians at Pinpoint Appliance Repair of Knoxville, Tennessee today.

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