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When Should You Call a Pro For Your Washing Machine?

Though there are washing machine problems that you can fix yourself, some problems really need a professional. They may require a type of technical knowledge and skill that’s unavailable to a layperson, or the problem might be dangerous for the average homeowner to try to fix on their own. These are some of the most common issues that could arise for your washing machine and who should address them.

Washer Makes Loud Noises

Though the world awaits the day when washing machines are completely silent when they run, a washer that’s making exceptionally loud or unusual noises needs to be checked. Sometimes the problem is that an object is caught in the drum. Other times, there may be a problem with the drum itself or a problem with the motor. These two problems need to be handled by a professional.

Machine Doesn’t Fill With Water

There are several reasons your washing machine won’t fill up. There may be a kink or blockage in the water hose, or the taps may be clogged with limescale or other debris. Limescale is a particular hazard for the hot water tap, and you might need to drain your hot water tank to fix it. There may also be a problem with the water valve filter.

Washing Machine Jumps

It’s normal for the vigorous action of washing clothes to make your washing machine move around a little, but it should not be jumping. Sometimes this happens because the machine isn’t level or the load is unbalanced, which means most of the clothes are on one side of the drum. If the problem isn’t fixed by spreading out the laundry or leveling the machine, the suspension rods may be defective. Fixing them is a job for an appliance repair professional.

Drum No Longer Spins

Sometimes the reason the drum doesn’t spin is the machine is just overloaded, and you need to take something out. Less easily solved problems include a clogged outlet pipe, a broken motor, or a faulty control board. These problems need the attention of a repair person.

Washing Machine Door Won’t Open When Cycle’s Over

As with the other problems, a door that won’t open can have several causes. There may be a clog in the drain or the filter, the machine might be overheated, or the door switch might be broken. It may also come down to a problem with the machine’s control board. Repairing or replacing that part is a job for a professional.

Water Overfills the Washing Machine

Several things can cause a washing machine to overfill and flood your laundry area. The culprits are most often the water inlet valve system, the pressure switch that controls the water level, or the washing machine’s control board. All of these problems need professional attention.

If your washing machine is noisy, jumpy, won’t fill, overfills, leaks, or doesn’t work at all, the problem may be something only an appliance repair professional can fix. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at Pinpoint Appliance Repair of Knoxville, TN if your washer needs repair.

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